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The Different Rhinoplasty Procedures

Rhinoplasty is a form of plastic surgery done on the nose either to change shape, size or to restore some of the functions of the nasal structures. Whenever you are not satisfied with how your nose looks or how big it is, or perhaps you want to ensure that the structure of the nose is functioning correctly you should go for rhinoplasty. Below are some of the proceedings to be followed to achieve a successful rhinoplasty.

Open rhinoplasty is one of the proceedings to be followed. When you to make a significant change you should use open rhinoplasty. The the incision made by the doctor in the strip of the nose to separate the nose will enable him to see the underlying nasal structures. With open rhinoplasty the doctor can see the cartilage and the underlying fabric of the nose thus making it one of the easiest methods. The bone can, therefore, be removed or reshaped to achieve the desired shape or structural correction actually.

There is also closed rhinoplasty. In this type of surgery the incision is made within the nose. Closed rhinoplasty takes a short time in operation, a brief period of healing, and also there are fewer swellings since only a small scar is made.
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Another a form of procedure to be followed is knows as revision rhinoplasty. It can also be referred to as secondary rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty is done in the region that has already undergone first surgery. It is done majorly to correct the problems that arose from the previous surgery. When the patient does not like the outcome, or maybe some challenges are resulting from the first operation like difficulty in breathing is when revision rhinoplasty will be applied. It can also do in cases of trauma resulting from the first surgery. You should take precaution has secondary rhinoplasty may be harder than the first surgery. This surgery can be done using either open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty.
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The We also have filler rhinoplasty as one of the proceedings. This is a non-surgical operation since it does not involve cutting. Here injectable fillers will be utilized on the patient to alter the shape of the nose as desired. The doctor will be able to use his hands to make sharp angles and bumps smooth, alter the shape of the tip of the nose and restore some balance to it. This type of operation does not offer a permanent solution to your problem you will have to visit the surgeon regularly.