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Different Marquee Styles And Their Pros And Cons

If you’ve set to have a party in a marquee, then there are several considerations that must be factored in. First of all, what most look at is the budget they have. Since there’s wide array of themes and styles to be chosen from, it is fairly easy to be carried away and go beyond your budget. Of course, this has an impact on the rest of your plans and itinerary, either you increase your budget or sacrifice something else.

Your budget will surely be affected by the style of marquee that you are going to choose. For a number of events, there are 3 basic kinds of marquee styles that can be chosen from, which we will discuss further in the next lines.

Number 1. Traditional – in this marquee design, it is actually what many people are very familiar about. In order to hold the structure up, it is making use of guy ropes as well as a large center pole. They’re made conventionally of canvas but more recently, manufactured in lightweight and modern synthetic materials.
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Number 2. Framed or clear span marquee – another quite popular marquee style that you could choose from which do not use guy ropes or even internal poles and with that, it is capable of optimizing the use of internal space available. This style of marquee can be erected on grass and on hard surfaces as well not like the traditional marquees. This is due to the reason that they may be weighted down using weights rather than spikes if needed be.
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Number 3. Capri – this particular style is relatively new but this marquee style is light in weight and so elegantly structured that are sure to complement its surroundings than presenting itself as an additional room.

Similar to everything else in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to each style we have discussed like for instance, the clear span looks plain from the outside and lacks of character, the Capri looks great but it isn’t ideal for anything other than summer and spring events and traditional style may be set up only on grass and if made on canvas, it may look shabby. After all, being able to choose the style of marquee to be used for an event lies on the customer’s preferences.

So far as the pricing goes, the least that you could get is Capri while the most expensive is the traditional style. However, buyers have to beware with all extras added in the marquee like dance floor, lighting, chairs, tables, carpeting and the likes as the actual price of marquee is just a small percentage compared to the total bill.